This is where you can find playgrounds where walkers and wheelchairs are ENCOURAGED! Children of ALL ABILITIES can play alongside each other at these remarkable play spaces. Inclusive playgrounds and accessible playgrounds are also called universally-accessible playgrounds or handicapped accessible playgrounds. Families with children with special needs can bring their children to experience sensory walls, sensory play, inclusive programs and events. Children with disabilities can play at or on these playgrounds WITH typically-abled kids and enjoy the freedom and right to play.


  • Adult Equipment

    These playgrounds have adult play or workout equipment.
  • Climbers

    These playgrounds have unique and multiple types of climbers.
  • Fenced

    These playgrounds have completely fenced-in areas for children who may like to run.
  • Mazes

    These playgrounds have a-mazing play spaces for playmates to find their way through.
  • Musical Elements

    These playgrounds have play elements that are musically inclined.
  • Quiet Zones

    These playgrounds have areas that are peaceful and quiet for children and parents to take a break.
  • Ramps & Bridges

    These playgrounds have multiple ramps and cool bridges for playmates to tackle.
  • Rubberized Surface

    The surfaces at these inclusive playgrounds is rubberized and makes for softer landings.
  • Sensory Wall

    These playgrounds have sensory walls or sculptures for playmates to feel and experience.
  • Special Theme

    These playgrounds have been designed and built with special themes.
  • Tot Park

    These playgrounds have separate play spaces that are designated as areas for younger children to play.
  • Water Play / Splashpad

    These playgrounds have some kind of water play feature or splashpad.